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Football pools optimiser

0.99 usd

Optimize your bet, increase you chance of winning at Football pools spending less money.You can optimize your bet in several ways. This app helps you calculate the columns with the best chance to win and maximum profit.
To achieve this follow this method: 1.) Insert all possible results according to you (singles, doubles, triples) clicking on the 1 x 2 buttons 2.) Insert the odds of your favorite bookmaker 3.) Apply some filters: a.) Number of errors (guarantee n, n-1, n-2...) b.) Total number of Hs, Ds and As per column c.) Number of consecutive Hs, Ds and As per column d.) Product of odds between a min and max e.) Signs percentage (red, yellow, green)You can display the winning combinations on the screen or email them to an address of your choice.
If you're feeling lucky just enter the number of matches and leave the app generate the lucky combinations for you.
Whatever your favorite lottery is: Loto Foot 7, Loto Foot 15, Loto Foot 7&15, Scooore!, Toto-R, Super Toto, Totobola, Toto Liga, Toto-13, Totocalcio, Quiniela, Toto Ergebniswette Normal System, TotoLotto, PromoSport, TotoFoot, Vakio-Veikkaus, Loteria Esportiva this app will help you getting the best from your bet.
Good luck!